Biodiesel Lab Add New Dynamics to Green Energy Training

The Engineering Academy and Science Department at Thompson High School has a unique opportunity by partnering with the City of Alabaster Environmental Services Department who recently installed a BD65 Biodiesel Processor at their wastewater treatment plant. The proposed unit for the SKY program is a BD40LP Biodiesel Processor which parallels the city’s processor.

The Alabaster Environmental Services Department has agreed to partner with the Thompson High School’s Engineering Academy Program by donating grease (cooking oil) in quantities to allow students to research and develop biodiesel fuel that can be utilized by the city and/or school diesel equipment.

Rick Walters, Ward 4 Alabaster City Council, stated “Grease is the hardest thing to get out of water.” Walters added that, “Every gallon we keep out of our wastewater, it will save costs. Our water has to be cleaner to meet the water purity standards that are coming in 2020.”

This project will allow engineering and science students at Thompson High School to be a part of the solution of water purity for Alabaster by bringing a household grease recycling program to the city and school. This will allow students to take a part in discovering the value of protecting our environment and water supply.


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