Skilled Knowledgeable Youth
Sky – Skilled Knowledgeable Youth program (501c3) exposes youth to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) projects that will enhance their abilities through challenging projects that interest them in engineering and skilled trade jobs. These activities may be conducted in-school, after school and/or on weekend classes. The participants will be middle and/or high school students developing hands-on skills in a variety of activities that simulate industry practices to include academic skills and job readiness/employability skills when the projects(s) are completed. SKY has been the catalyst in the promotion and development of engineering projects for the Calera High School engineering program to include creating career paths. Because of the success at Calera, SKY is expanding its mission to encompass other schools throughout Alabama. 

About Us


The Sky Education Program is an in school, after school and weekend program for middle and/or high school students that teaches them hands-on skills in a variety of industries, academic skills, and job readiness/employability skills while completing projects.