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Sister School Project with Alabaster City Schools and Manuel Bonilla, Cefalu, Honduras

Sister School Project with Alabaster City Schools and Manuel Bonilla, Cefalu, Honduras

In 2012 Mr. Copes, Thompson High School’s Engineering teacher escorted ten students to Jutiapa, Honduras. On this trip students fit fourteen amputees with prosthetic legs that they designed and built in class and delivered two basic utility vehicles that are being used as an ambulance and the plowing of fields. It was noted that the town was in celebration due to the fact that they were graduating their first high school student, “in the history of the town”.  He was told that if a student attended middle school and high school they had to travel to a larger town. This was unaffordable to the people that live in this region for many made less than $2.50 per day. Most students dropped out of school during their elementary years to seek employment.

Education is the key out of poverty. During the 2013 and 2014 school year Mr. Copes and his students raised the necessary funds to add two rooms to the Cefalu School, thus allowing the school to offer both middle and high school classes.  During the summer of 2014 Mr. Copes and seven students traveled back to Jutiapa, Honduras where the students installed solar panels on the school and built a basic utility vehicle that serves as a school bus. Presently there are 105 middle and high school students enrolled at the Cefalu School. There are over four thousand children that do not attend school in this region of Honduras.

Educating beyond the borders. 

A group of Alabaster City School teachers and administrators are opening their classroom to students at Cefalu by use of SKYP. This concept allows teachers to be paired with advanced Spanish students as “translators” and their lessons, lab experiments, etc. This has the potential of expanding other classes thus allowing Cefalu students to an American education.